Author: Travis

MOBILE MONDAY – Honkai Impact 3rd

Well, the weekend has passed us by yet again – it’s Mobile Monday!

Today’s write-up is on miHoYo’s fast-paced character action game, Honkai Impact 3rd. Quite unlike the games we’ve featured thus far, HI3 (as we’ll call it for ease) is a 3rd-person hack-n-slasher drawing comparisons to games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. While I can’t argue it’s on the same level as any of those, I certainly see the similarities. HI3 is, sans mobile ports and emulation, about as close to a “console experience” as you can get on your smartphone.

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Rites to Royale

Battle royale is everything right now. Really, it’s almost out of control! The concept is simple — you (and hopefully a few friends) drop into an environment, stock up, and survive. Once you’re eliminated, you just re-queue and try again. Most games are quick, at least for beginners, but the satisfaction of ranking in the top players only feeds the desire for more.

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Mobile Monday is a weekly column dedicated to mobile gaming. Yes, it’s a catchy title, but I swear there’s more to it than that! Monday is often the most dreaded day of the week. If you’re anything like me, though, you’re spending some of that office downtime farming loot in your favorite gacha game. With that in mind, we’ll be featuring one game weekly, while also giving a few quick updates on other popular titles.

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NOSTALGIA BYTES — Old Faces in New Places

Nostalgia is a word that permeates the world of modern gaming. Despite our personal definition of “retro,” it seems we all want to find something that fills a certain void. We crave an experience that recaptures a feeling we had with a game from generations past. I believe we find a “certain something” in older titles that likely has more to do with our lives at the time we first experienced it than the game itself. 

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“For the love of the game.”

I love games.  There, I said it.  It took a solid few hours of dedicated deliberation to finally decide on my “angle” for this post, but it turns out it was just as simple as those three words.  Life can be complicated, exhausting, stressful, and everything in between; games are not, at least not in the same way, so here I am, proclaiming my adoration from the rooftops…or a keyboard, through a monitor, posted on the internet for the world to see.

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