Weekend Roundup/Ramble…? – 6/22/2018

There are so many video games. So many! Seriously, so many. In an age of Steam sales and flash sales and indies and AAAs and everything in between, it’s almost impossible to keep up. And if you’re anything like me and have serious issues focusing on one game, you know how difficult this is. I mean, it’s a good problem to have, right? I guess so, but there is simply so much I want to experience that my “currently playing” catalog is 20+ games at any given time. (Don’t judge me!) Let’s not even delve into the backlog.

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E3 — The Good

While lucky attendees and press reps are still enjoying the many spoils of E3 through the week, the big conferences are over and done. If you read our speculative articles last week, you know that we didn’t exactly hit the mark, but I suppose one out of three ain’t bad. Some developers did a little better for gamers these past few days than others, so let’s get right to it.

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E3 Speculation — Resident Evil 2

Alright, getting back into the swing of it with something a little fun and off-beat. We’re coming up quickly on E3, meaning we’re (hopefully) going to be enjoying some monster announcements from the biggest names in gaming. As someone who watches the event closely each year, I’m going to take some time to indulge some speculation (read: wishful thinking). Mind you, this is all pretty much baseless, though a few items may be found in some widely circulated rumors. I don’t want to give anyone the idea that anything I’m saying here is rooted in fact – just having some fun!

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EARLY IMPRESSIONS – Memories of Mars

The survival genre has picked up quite a bit of steam! Even Bethesda just announced their take on the genre in the form of Fallout: 76 (at least according to rumors.) Spanning dozens of settings and environments, gamers have survived everything from zombie outbreaks to brutal winters to prehistoric beasts. Soon, however, they can take the challenge to the red planet itself, courtesy of Limbic Entertainment’s Memories of Mars.

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MOBILE MONDAY – Honkai Impact 3rd

Well, the weekend has passed us by yet again – it’s Mobile Monday!

Today’s write-up is on miHoYo’s fast-paced character action game, Honkai Impact 3rd. Quite unlike the games we’ve featured thus far, HI3 (as we’ll call it for ease) is a 3rd-person hack-n-slasher drawing comparisons to games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. While I can’t argue it’s on the same level as any of those, I certainly see the similarities. HI3 is, sans mobile ports and emulation, about as close to a “console experience” as you can get on your smartphone.

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